Terri L. Weiss

Author of Book Of Genesis and Client Relations 

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​Manhattan Supreme Court

Grand Central Terminal, NYC

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-- Terri

                  Fellow, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

                  Preeminent AV-Rated, Martindale Hubbell®

                  Listed in Best Lawyers In America®

On the dark side of love, divorce lawyers gird for battle...

Couples, once cozy in their bedrooms, glare at each other in courtrooms or across conference tables. With suited-up lawyers at their sides, the parties' fates rest in the hands of judges in black robes. Meters ticking, the personal and financial stakes mount.

Ego and economics, power and passion, rage and revenge -- no one is exempt from the sway of emotions, and the tide of events, that overpower reason in marital and custody wars. And i
t's not just clients who flirt with self-destruction. Divorce lawyers are people, too. So are judges.

​Okay, forget the judges.


The matrimonial bar deals with sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll almost every day. So why do most lawyers turned authors originate from the criminal bar? Got me. After two decades as a divorce lawyer, I don't think death is cooler than sex.

Good legal writing is a solid one-eighty from good fiction writing: It's telling, as persuasively and cogently as possible. Just the facts, ma'am - overlaid in tidy legal arguments and analyses. The past can't be changed, the present is tumultuous, and the outcome is always uncertain.

But writing fiction, where I, as the author, get to invent all the facts, put thoughts in people's heads, and -- best of all -- make judges, opposing counsel, witnesses, and clients say and do exactly what I want?

What a rush!