Terri L. Weiss

Author of Book Of Genesis and Client Relations 

Client Relations: A Novel

Client Relations is, at its heart, about how custody battles impact not just the parties and the children, but lawyers, too. Especially lawyers who get way too involved with their clients...

Casey Lang is a freshly-minted litigation partner in the Manhattan office of a major law firm. It's the beginning of the next chapter in her career. She is ambitious, but still idealistic enough to remain true to her belief that being a lawyer is all about helping people.

The best way to maintain her professional focus is to banish personal loss to the shadowy recesses of her mind.
Haunted by a car accident that killed her father and brain-damaged her mother, Casey's hard-charging position at her firm helps pay the bills that keep her mother alive. Passionate about protecting families, Casey also makes time to defend battered women pro bono. That is, until she's forced to abandon her pro bono work in order to keep her job.

What could be worse than representing a man accused of threatening his wife, and slapped with a 'kick out' order that bars him from his family? Casey has to hold her nose to defend hot celebrity chef John Zambelli, her first paying client.

As she becomes more persuaded that John is the victim of an unjust order, Casey navigates his case through the court system, encountering ruthless adversaries, punishing judicial orders, and an increasingly impossible to resist client. Before long, both lawyer and client grow more isolated, more vulnerable, and more dependent on each other.

Casey’s best friend and old law school buddy, Eli Maddow, knows Casey and John are on the brink of entanglement, but he can do nothing to stop it. Worse, Eli is secretly in love with Casey. The senior partner of Casey's firm suspects something's brewing, too.

As tensions and losses mount, Casey and John start a torrid affair. Ordinarily, two people might fall into a relationship and find comfort for as long as it lasts. But the attorney-client relationship prevents them from being ‘ordinary’ lovers.
Danger of exposure lurks in every bedroom and courtroom, and with exposure comes destruction -- not only of John’s case, but Casey’s career, and even her life.

No matter what Eli does to rescue her from disaster, no matter how closely professional collapse looms, Casey is hell-bent on tempting fate. And John’s wife is more than willing to provide the catalyst for ruining them all, for reasons Casey never suspects.

CLIENT RELATIONS provides an insider’s view of custody cases and big firm politics, in a sexy, suspense-filled drama where unconditional love justifies terrible lies, but also salvages lives.