Book Of Genesis: A Novel, derives its title from the protagonist, Genesis Platt. The story is about a divorce lawyer who survived a predatory relationship in prep school, and has tried her damnedest to forget. Two decades later, she represents her estranged roommate (Blaire Abbott), who married the predator (Connor Sanchez) without knowing what had happened between Connor and Genesis. The case promises to be complicated, since Connor has frittered away millions of Blaire’s dollars. 

When Connor claims he is a gambling addict who is being extorted and attacked by his bookies, Genesis discovers the real reason for his problems: He has preyed on other girls at the school for decades, even through the present, and some of his victims are out for revenge. 

If Genesis exposes Connor for what he is, the personal cost to both Blaire and herself may be too high.

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Terri L. Weiss

Author of Book Of Genesis and Client Relations